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タイトル: Studies on Long-term Changes in Herders Household and Land Use in Inner Mongolia, China
PUREVSUREN, Tsedendamba
キーワード: Ecological environment recovery
Herder’s households
Inner Mongolia
Land use
発行日: Jun-2014
出版者: 日本沙漠学会
抄録: The arable land, artificial pastures, and enclosed grassland are widespread in Inner Mongolia, China from 1978. In this study, we observed and evaluated long-term changes in land use associated with Land reform movement during the period of 1947 to 2012 in Inner Mongolia. We interviewed 158 families of one village in 2012. Results indicate that, based on the history of arable land establishment, it is necessary to achieve improvement of arable land productivity, to improve people livelihoods. The development of irrigation facilities is one possible approach. Another approach is to return abandoned non-irrigated land to pasture land. This will protect hilly areas used for grazing utilization and reduce cultivation area which is distributed to each family. Support from Germany has enhanced agricultural productivity and ecological environment recovery, and also to the Grain for Green project and forestation. This also includes prohibition of grazing and aid in development of irrigation facilities. It is difficult to maintain herder’s life based on low productivity agriculture in arid areas without grazing. As policies change, rural development should consider natural environmental conditions of grazing areas, traditional culture, customs, and religious aspects.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/4266


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