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タイトル: Phylogenetic relationship of the pinworms of the genus Syphacia from murines of Indonesia and some other regions inferred by molecular analysis
その他のタイトル: インドネシアおよび他地域に産するネズミ亜科動物寄生Syphacia 属蟯虫類の分子系統解析
著者: DEWI, Kartika
SATO, Akiko
ASAKAWA, Mitsuhiko
デヴィ, カルティカ
長谷川, 英男
佐藤, 晶子
浅川, 満彦
キーワード: Syphacia
28S rDNA
発行日: 2015
出版者: 日本獣医寄生虫学会
抄録: Sequencing of partial cytochroine c oxidase subunit 1 gene (Cox-1) of initochondrial DNA and 28S ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA) of nuclear DNA was attempted for pinworms of the genus Syphacia from murines of Indonesia in order to compare with those from other regions. Cox-1 sequence of Syphacia rifaii from Bunomys penitus of Sulawesi was characteristic by having deletions of three consecutive nucleotides at two loci in addition to numerous substitutions, rcsulting in very long branch in phylogenetic trees. Nevertheless, both in Cox-1 and 28S rDNA trees, S. rifaii formed a clade with Syphacia muris. Three Syphacia species parasitic in Apodemus, Syphacia emileromani, Syphacia stroma and Syphacia agraria, formed one clade in 28S rDNA phylograms, suggesting co-evolutionary relationship with their hosts. Indonesian examples of S. muris were rather diverged from those in the laboratory rats, Rattus norvegicus, both in Cox-1 and 28S rDNA, presumably reflecting the process of geographical dispersal or host Rattus spp. with this pinworm over the world.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/4250


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