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タイトル: 酪農学園における通信制農業教育の歴史と継続高等教育への展望 : 遠隔教育の視点から
その他のタイトル: History of Communication System Agriculture Education in Rakuno Gakuen and View to Further and Higher Education : From a Viewpoint of Distance Education
著者: 十倉, 宏
TOKURA, Hiroshi
発行日: Oct-2015
出版者: 酪農学園大学
抄録: In "Interigent-based-society",which was declared by Japanese Government, rate of people receiving higer education was increased and number of university correspondence education was also increased. Number of students was also increased from 100,000 (1980's) to 200,000 (2013). However, agriculture-based correspondence university or faculty is not exist. In this study, I focused on Rakuno Gakuen as a educational foundation for higher education. Rakuno Gakuen was started as a correspondence school for agricultual education. Rakuno Gakuen established college and graduated school and educated in agriculturel, veterinary medicine and environment. Correspondence-shool of Rakuno Gakuen also educated dairy farmers in 1948-1990. In the stuation, that higher education enrollment rate is over 50% in Japan, universities and graduate schools train veterinarians, agricultural extension workers, teacher of agricultural high school and stuffs of agricultural organization. They play a part in solving local problems and thus expected in development of local societies and Japanese agriculture. It is suggested that schools of higher education should support such agricultural and local opinion leaders. In this study, I described histry in education of Rakuno Gakuen and their support for local graduates. They had been managed correspondence shool for agriculture. Recent data on agricultural and correspondence higher education suggested the needs for correspondence shool by Rakuno Gakuen. Many graduates of Rakuno Gakuen interested in correspondence school. It is suggested that Rakuno Gakuen is expected to manage correspondence school again.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/4166
出現コレクション:ROH 2015/October


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