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タイトル: Parasitic Nematodes and Acanthocephalan Obtained from Wild Murids and Dipodids Captured in Xinjiang-Uygur, China
著者: ASAKAWA, Mitsuhiko
LIAO, Lifu
YAN, Shunsheng
CHAI, Junjie
OKU, Yuzaburo
ITO, Mamoru
キーワード: China
parasitic nematodes
発行日: Aug-2001
出版者: 日本生物地理学会
抄録: For the developement of new animal models for human disease in the western part of China, helminthological surveys of murids and dipodids in and around both Mt Tian-Shan and Mt Altai, the Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous region were carried out from 1998 to 1999. A total of 124 individuals belonging to 24 species were examined, and an acanthocephala and/or nematodes were obtained from the following 15 host species, i.e., Dipus sagitta [Ds] [Abbreviation of host name], Euchoreutes naso [En], Allactaga sibirica [Asi], Meriones meridianus [Mme], M. tamariscinus [Mt], Rhombomys opimus [Ro], Cricetulus migratorius [Cm], C. eversmanni [Cev], Microtus oeconomus [Mo], Lagurus lagurus [Lla], L. luteus [Llu], Alticola argentatus [Aa], Clethrionomys rutilus [Cr], Microtus arvalis [Ma], and Apodemus uralensis [Au]. To date, 1 acacthocephalan species, Meniliformis sp. [Cev] [abbreviation of infected animals], and at least 19 nematode species, i.e., Eucoleus sp. (gastrica?) [Au], Eucoleus sp. [Asi], Aonchotheca murissylvatici [Cr], Calodium hepaticum [Au], Trichuris muris [Llu], Trichuris sp. (rhombomidis?) [Mt], Dentostonella translucida [Mme), Aspiculuris tetraptera [Ds], Syphacia petrusewiczi [Cr], Syphacia sp, (or spp.) [Mt, Cm, Cev, Lla and Ma], Rhabditis (Pelodera) orbitalis (3rd larvae) [Lla, Cr, Ma and Mo], Heligmosomoides yorkei [Cm], H. polygyrus [Au], Heligmosomum (Paraheligmosomum) mixtum [Cr and Ma], Heligmosomum (Heligmosomum) sp. [Aa and Mo], Subulura citelli [En], Pterygodermatites sp. [Cr], Litomosa vite [Ro], and spirurid unknown species [Cr] were obtained. Although most species have been reported from the former USSR or outer Mongolia, several species are first records in Xinjiang. Photographs of these nematodes are presented and helminthological studies of the parasitic nematodes obtained from the wild small mammals in Xinjiang are briefly reviewed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/3773


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