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タイトル: 集落営農型法人の経営展開に関する研究
その他のタイトル: Research on the Business Development of Community Farming Corporations
著者: Ayinuer, Tulafu
尾碕, 亨
吉岡, 徹
村田, まり子
菅原, 優
市川, 治
OZAKI, Tooru
MURATA, Mariko
発行日: Mar-2015
出版者: 酪農学園大学
抄録: This research uses specific examples to investigate the factors contributing to the increase in community farming production corporations from a financial and management perspective to clarify the conditions and prospects for such development. The methodology employed in this research classifies the prospects of such business development into three types and investigates the issues involved in such development based on case studies of each type. The cases are as follows. First, the Nishikami Agricultural Cooperative, in which most of the community are members. Second, the cooperative in the area around Narutaki in Hiroshima Prefecture’s Oasa District, in which all farmers in the community are members. Third, the Daito Nosan agricultural corporation in Shizuoka Prefecture, which has subsumed a number of farmers in the community. Results indicate the following conditions for development of community farming corporations. First, the area of arable land under management and the size of the operations are appropriate and of a size that can be substantially handled by the managers. Second, high revenues and profits can be generated by planting high-yielding crops and through processing and value-added production. Third, farms are accumulated, combined, and consolidated with gains in labor savings. Further, others provide labor, and management and leadership are put in place. Fourth, distribution and sales routes are established with potential support from such entities as government agencies and Zen-noh (National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations). Fifth, the three criteria for financial soundness are met. Community farming corporations can develop if these conditions are fulfilled. In addition, the prospects for development can be further enhanced if government agencies and Zen-noh give community farming corporations official status as entities responsible for farm land and business. In short, progress in the formation of community farming corporations with such a financial management analysis in place will only serve to support the upward trend in the number of these corporations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/3739
出現コレクション:ROH 2015/March


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