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タイトル: 周辺水路から宮島沼への栄養塩流入
その他のタイトル: Nutrient inflow from creeks around the lake Miyajimanuma
著者: 古川, 雄大
吉田, 磨
中谷, 暢丈
NAKATANI, Nobutake
発行日: Mar-2015
出版者: 酪農学園大学
抄録: Lake Miyajimanuma is a wetland habitat located east of Bibai City and is a stopover site waterfowl therefore, this wetland is registered under the Ramsar Convention. Lake Miyajimanuma is surrounded by paddy rice fields and farmland. Due to nutrient loading from waterfowl and agricultural land, eutrophication is escalated at Lake Miyajimanuma. It has been previously suggested that the influence of agricultural land on the lake is stronger than that of waterfowl. To estimate nutrient loading from agricultural land, we evaluated the nutrient concentration and flow rates of four drainages from agricultural land and Ishikari River, which is a source of irrigation water. Based on these findings, we calculated TN and TP inflow. TN and TP inflow of one drainage with a small drainage area occupied by paddy rice fields were 16.4 T-N kg ha-1 0.24 T-P kg ha-1. In another drainage with a large drainage area, TN and TP inflow were 2.83 T-N kg ha−1 0.04 T-P kg ha-1.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/3738
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