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タイトル: Comparison between Hypertonic Saline with Dextran and Mannitol on Vasodilatation of Encephalic Vessels Using a Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Dogs
著者: Akaishizawa, Miki
Tabata, Reiko
Suzuki, Kazuyuki
Asano, Ryuji
キーワード: Canine
Hypertonic Saline
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Superior Sagittal Sinus
発行日: Dec-2011
出版者: Scientific Research Publishing Inc
抄録: This study aimed to investigate whether a small volume of 7.2% hypertonic saline solution with 6% dextran 70 (HSD) is superior to mannitol in vasodilatation of encephalic vessels in the dogs using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Fifteen healthy 2.4 ± 0.9 year-old purpose-bred male Beagle dogs were assigned to receive 5 mL/kg of isotonic saline solution (ISS) as control, 20% mannitol or HSD infusion at a flow rate of 20 mL/kg/hours via right cephalic vein.Venous blood samples were collected immediately before fluid infusion (pre) and every 15 minutes until 120 minutes after the initiation of fluid infusion. Immediately after collection of each blood sample, T1 and T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging recordings were undergone. Immediately after HSD infusion, the area of the cross-section of superior sagittal sinus was significantly greater than that of beagles in the other groups (p < 0.001), reaching the 2.09 ± 0.25 times prevalue. During the 120 minutes period of observation after the initiation of fluid infusion, HSD infusion significantly reduced the area of the cross-section of CSF compared with the mannitol group ((p < 0.001). Our results indicate that HSD induced a rapid and strong reduction in the area of the cross-section of CSF more than mannitol did. Therefore, it is suggested that 5 mL/kg of HSD might be superior to isovolume of mannitol in inducing vasodilatation in the dog.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/3010
著作権等: This paper has been published in Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Scientific Research Publishing, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2011, pp. 1-7.


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