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タイトル: 沖縄島に生息するジャワマングース(Herpestes javanicus)の寄生蠕虫類保有調査
その他のタイトル: Survey of Parasite Helminths in the Mongoose on Okinawajima Island
著者: 石橋, 治
外村, 浩幸
佐藤, 毅史
藤根, 誠道
川端, 一幸
角野, 敬行
浅川, 満彦
小倉, 剛
砂川, 勝徳
仲田, 正
HOKAMURA, Hiroyuki
SATO, Takeshi
FUJINE, Masamichi
KAWABATA, Kazuyuki
SUMINO, Takayuki
GANEKO, Hajime
ASAKAWA, Mitsuhiko
SUNAGAWA, Katsunori
NAKADA, Tadashi
キーワード: helminth
Okinawajima Island
発行日: Sep-2010
出版者: 日本野生動物医学会
抄録: A parasitic helminths survey was carried out on the mongoose captured on Okinawajima Island, Japan between January 2002 and September 2008. Here we report the results of several preliminary examinations conducted by various methods. Initial fecal sample survey with ether-formalin sedimentation of 186 mongooses detected the eggs of Trichuris, Hookworm, and Ascarid, as well as Coccidium oocysts in 42.5%,22.6%, 2.2%, and 81.2%, respectively, of the samples. Follow-up survey of mongooses (n=175) for Angiostiongylus cantonensis infection showed that the parasite was not found in the lung and heart of any of the mongooses. Further, no Trichinella sp. larvae were obtained from the diaphragm by the compression method (n=161) nor from the masseter muscle, diaphragm and the inside of hind leg by the artificial digestion method (n=144) in a survey conducted 5 years later. Based on the gastrointestinal sample (n=158) survey, three nematode specices (Protospirura sp. (0.6%), Uncinaria sp. (0.6%), Toxocara sp. (0.6%) and one cestode species (Mesocestoides sp. (3.8%) were detected. To examine the localization of coccidium within the alimentary tract, mongooses (n=8) were kept on a controlled diet for three days, and sacrificed. Coccidia were detected in the epithelium of the duodenum and ileum from paraffin-embedded sections of 2 individuals. 沖縄産マングースについて内部寄生虫の調査を行った。マングースの直腸糞を用いてMGL法による虫卵検査(n=186)を行い,鞭虫卵(42.5%),鉤虫卵(22.6%),回虫卵(2.2%)およびコクシジウムのオーシスト(81.2%)を検出した。消化管内容物(n=158)から,条山としてMesocestoides.sp.(3.8%)を,線虫としてProtospirura sp.(0.6%),Toxocara sp.(0.6%)およびUncinaria sp.(0,6%)を検出した。マングース(n=8)について給餌管理下で飼育し,そのうちの2頭のマングース小腸切片からコクシジウムの十二指腸および回腸の上皮細胞への寄生を確認した。心臓および肺臓には広東住血線虫(Angiostrongylus cantonensis)の寄生はみられなかった(n=175)。また,横隔膜の直接圧平法(n=161)および咬筋,横隔膜および後肢内側筋肉の人工胃液消化法(n=144)では旋毛虫(Trichinella spp.)幼虫の寄生はみられなかった。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/2684
ISSN: 1342-6133


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