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タイトル: Consistency Change of succinoglycan aqueous sodium chloride solution during cooling process
著者: Kaneda, Isamu
Onodera, Yuji
発行日: 2009
出版者: 日本レオロジー学会
抄録: The rheological properties of succinoglycan aqueous sodium chloride solution were investigated at the various temperatures ranging from 30 to 75 ℃. The dynamic modulus of the sample solutions abruptly increased at around 65 ℃ during the cooling process. The critical temperature (T_c) at which the consistency changed sharply depended on the sodium chloride concentration, namely, T_c increased with the salt concentration. Succinoglycan takes a conformation of a semi-flexible single strand chain at above T_c. The spatial size of the polysaccharide at high temperature decreased with the salt concentration since the polysaccharide is a polyelectrolyte. The aqueous solution of the polysaccharide became a structured fluid after the cooling process. To make a quantitative characterization of the mechanical property of the structure fluid, the creep curve analysis was employed. The mechanical properties of the structured fluid can be quantitatively described by using 4- elements mechanical model. Moreover, the effect of the salt on the mechanical properties also emerged. Although the consistency of the sample at above T_c decreased with the salt concentration, it increased with the salt concentration after cooling below T_c. The result revealed that the consistency of the heat denatured succinoglycan aqueous solution was strongly affected with the salt concentration in the system.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/1759
ISSN: 0387-1533


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