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タイトル: Combined effects of treatment with trientine, a copper-chelating agent, and X-irradiaion on tumor growth in transplantation model of a murine fibrosarcoma
著者: HAYASHI, Masanobu
ENDO, Daiji
OKUI, Toyo
発行日: Oct-2007
出版者: 日本獣医学会
抄録: Combined effects of treatment with trientine, a copper-chelating agent, and X-irradiation on development of fibrosarcoma using a murine transplantation model in vivo and on cellular survival in vitro were examined. Copper contents in the tumors and serum of trientine-treated mice were significantly lower than those of untreated mice. The tumor volumes of mouse fibrosarcoma QRsp-11 cells increased more slowly in the trientine-treated and the X-irradiated mice than in the control mice from 10 to 24 days postinoculation. The extent of inhibition of tumor growth by X-irradiation at 3 Gy was similar to that obtained by treatment with trientine. A combination of trientine and X-irradiation at 3 Gy showed inhibitory effects on tumor growth similar to those obtained by X-irradiation at 6 Gy. The results showed that trientine and X-irradiation interacted additively in inhibition of tumor growth. When QRsp-11 cells and mouse and bovine endothelial cells were treated with trientine after X-irradiation, the surviving fractions of the cells with combined treatments were essentially consistent with the products of the surviving fractions of trientine-treated cells and those of X-irradiated cells. When the cells were pretreated with trientine and X-irradiated, the surviving fractions of the pretreated cells were lower than those of cells without treatment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10659/1454
ISSN: 0916-7250


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