The academic research collection of Rakuno Gakuen University and Rakuno Gakuen University Dairy Science Institute collects and stores the educational and research results of Rakuno Gakuen and publishes them on the Internet so they can be used by people on campus and outside the university.

We have given it a nickname that will help it to be known and loved by many people as an open-access academic database.

The institutional repository of this university was started due to the Bovine Studies Center concept, so we chose "CLOVER" because of its association with cows.

Clover is known as one of the most famous pasture grasses, and it is widely distributed not only on the campus of the university but also throughout the country, making it one of the most accessible and familiar plants. We believe it is an appropriate choice for this university because it was first used as a pasture grass when it was introduced to Hokkaido at the beginning of the Meiji era, and because it has a connection to Christianity.

Taking inspiration from the outstanding fecundity and rich nutritional content of the clover, we hope that the research by this university will also be very fruitful, and that it will truly make a contribution to society as a source of nourishment.

CLOVER is an acronym for "Collected Literature in Organized and Valuable Electronic Repository," and the symbol at the beginning of the logotype arranges the initials of CLOVER in four combinations to express a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck